To be leading Thai Corporation that enhances society promotes organization and motivates staff to achieve sustainable success and harmony consisting of 5 lines of business and 2 lines of work.

Consumer Product

The problem of food security has continuous global repercussions. People do
not receive food that is safe and nutritionally adequate. Premier Marketing
operates by delivering high-quality products and services with a focus on
consumers. Our production processes must use valuable raw materials efficiently,
manage and handle waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
The sources and methods of obtaining raw materials must be traceable to
ensure sustainability.
Above all else, we emphasize delivering nutritionally valuable products that
benefit health for the consumer’s quality of life. Because that is our shared
sustainable success.

The delivery of value with quality. At Premier Marketing (Public) Co., Ltd.
we are fully aware that leading a good life means a life of meaning and value.
All of our consumer products and services represent the best in both value
and quality. With customers in mind, we offer a range of goods that meet
their physical and psychological needs.

The value of creation. Value is a never-ending driver for created. At every
step of the business process, from the factory floor to the hands of consumers,
we look for creative ways to boost quality and efficiency.

The value of accessibility. We have built an efficient distribution system
spanning the entire country to provide producers with a range of fast and
efficient channels for reaching potential customers.

The value of attention. With the needs of consumers firmly in mind, we
strive to produce goods with genuine value. We give our full attention to
every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that our products are
tasty, nutritious, and widely accessible in line with the needs of today’s
demanding consumers.

The value of caring. We are committed to responsible business practices
that are environmentally friendly and proactive to communities’ well being.
This is the company’s mission to be one of Thailand’s leaders in consumer
product distribution business with a strong social conscience.

Our consumer businesses are:
Premier Marketing (Public) Co., Ltd.
P.M.Food Co., Ltd.
Premier Canning Industry Co., Ltd.
Premier Frozen Products Co., Ltd.
PMSE Co., Ltd.
MiVana Co., Ltd.

Real Estate and Hotel Group

Natural resources, which are invaluable assets of nature, are difficult to replace
and are being destroyed by their unsustainable use. This includes not only the
environment but also cultural heritage and traditional ways of life that have
unique characteristics in each region. Day by day, they are disappearing with
the progress of the modern world.

Our real estate activities are guided by an appreciation for the value of natural
resources and the environment, while integrating traditional arts and culture
with modern innovations that reflect the contemporary lifestyle. We collaborate
with local communities to support and preserve traditional occupations and
ways of life for generations to come.

Service with grace and charm is at the heart of this part of our business. We
strive to make all our guests feel welcome and right at home. In fact, we see
them as more than just guests – they are members of the Premier family.

Our line of hotel group operates consists of:
The group of hotels businesses operates under the brand Raya Collection, comprising 2 business groups

Premier Resorts and Hotels Co., Ltd.
Tamarind Village Co., Ltd.

Operated by these businesses and service include:
Tamarind Village Hotel, Chiang Mai
Rayavadee Hotel, Krabi
Raya Heritage Hotel, Chiang Mai
The Botanical House
Raya Creative Keys
Raya Residences Bangkok
99 Residence


Our line of real estate group operates consists of:
Seri Village Co., Ltd.
Seri Premier Co., Ltd.
Premier Assets Co., Ltd.

Operated by these businesses
Pavilion Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai

Information Technology

The current global situation is undergoing rapid changes. Information technology has become crucial in driving the business operations of organizations in all sectors.  Information technology systems have been implemented to assist in managing various complex systems, enabling convenient and rapid workflow. This helps increase efficiency in business operations and ensures the security of organizational and customer data.

The information technology business focuses on providing quality services to customers to strengthen and ensure the success of their business operations. As a modern, full-service information technology provider, the emphasis is on meeting the diverse needs of customers. The products and services offered aim to respond to various customer requirements, with knowledgeable and expert staff covering different areas. The goal is to create business value and support the customer’s business to efficiently progress and adapt to the changing times.

Our Information technology businesses are:
Premier Technology (Public) Co., Ltd.
Datapro Computer Systems Co., Ltd.

Environmental Businesses

Environmental and natural resources problems arising from wasteful
and unappreciative usage, lack of proper management, especially with
regards to water and energy resources, which are crucial for
sustaining life.

The environmental business sector, consisting of premier companies,
promotes the use of clean energy and water management. It is dedicated
to conducting business guided by our goal Creating a Better
Quality of Life and a Sustainable Environment.

We have become a leader in the field of environment business. We are
a distributor of green products, related services, and clean energies
that respond to the demands of the modern marketplace. Our businesses
aim to improve the quality of life of consumers while respecting
the environment, our partners, and our staff.

Our environmental businesses are:
Premier Products (Public) Co., Ltd.
Infinite Green Co., Ltd.

Other Business

A holding company investing in different types of specialty finance businesses and the insurance brokerage and consultancy business.
The Company has invested in 2 subsidiaries as follows
1. Premier Capital (2000) Co., Ltd.
2. Premier Brokerage Co., Ltd.

Premier Brokerage Co., Ltd.
The unexpected can always happen, whether in life or with property, dealing with potential risks is a way to provide reassurance and mitigate potentialharm that may occur. We are also an official provider of car and non-life insurance. In conjunction with over 20 leading insurance firms, our experienced team of insurance professionals is on hand to give reliable advice meant to enhance the long-term security and quality of life of our customers.

Premier Innova Company Limited
To become a leader in sustainable innovation, unlocking the full potential of Thailand’s rich local resources through advanced nanotechnology, and fostering positive change on a global scale.

1. To conduct pioneering research in nanotechnology, harnessing the unique qualities of Thailand’s local
ingredients to create high-performance active ingredients.
2. To collaborate with local communities, partners, and experts to responsibly develop and commercialize
high-performance active ingredients that elevate the value of Thailand’s natural resources.
3. To contribute to global sustainability efforts by offering eco-friendly, innovative products that improve
lives and enrich the world.

Social Sustainability Development

Because society’s problems tend to be so varied and so complex, solving them
needs everyone’s cooperation and participation. It’s important to have
a central organization with a clear focus to drive progress and mobilize
the Social Collaboration.

The project Collaboration for Good Society is a platform dedicated to
addressing issues of social inequality and creating a society with equality
and sustainability. The project connects social works with the resources
they need to solve problems quickly and effectively. Its goal is to be
a catalyst for positive change with real, visible, and measurable results.
Ultimately, Collaboration for Good Society will lay the foundations for
a sustainably happy and healthy society.

Collaboration for Good Society

The Corporate Affairs

This division provides necessary support to keep all the businesses under
the Premier Group of companies running smoothly and efficiently. Our support
team supplies human resources, legal, finance, internal audit, accounting,
corporate communications, business innovation and core value. Altogether,
all these services play a vital role in the Premier Group of Companies
to move toward its ultimate goal of Harmonious Alignment of Success.

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